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location [Bangkok, Thailand ]

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Category:  Food & Beverage
Type:  Full-Time
Shift:  as required
Salary Range:  ฿ - - - Negotiable
Zip Code:  20500
Posted:  06/28/2020


Career Level:  Manager
Highest Education:  Minimum Education College (BS)
Degree title: 
Gender:  Does not matter
Age:  any any
Work Permit:  Thailand
Experience:  Minimum Experience 3 Year

Job Status

Status:  Sourcing
No of Jobs:  1
Start Publishing:  06/28/2020
Stop Publishing:  08/31/2020


[Bangkok, Thailand ]


Overview of duties

  • Behaves and acts (as a manager) in an exemplary fashion, embodying the brand mindset.
  • Conveys the hotel’s image and atmosphere by providing a warm and friendly welcome, being available and frequently visible in the hotel
  • Helps employees improve their skills and provides support for career development
  • Manages, motivates and organises personnel in order to improve the quality and creativity of F&B services, in line with brand standards. Makes suggestions for improvement.
  • Takes part in the definition of hotel strategy and implements it in the F&B department
  • Improves the department’s results by increasing sales, improving the management of points of sale (restaurants, bars, 24hr service etc), spend and profitability

Main responsibilities
Customer relations

  • Enhances guest satisfaction through his/her warm and friendly manner, availability and frequent presence in the hotel
  •  Handles guest comments and complaints, ensuring follow-up
  • Develops strong relationships with guests with the aim of gaining their loyalty
  • Ensures the quality of service provided for guests, that they are comfortable and receive a warm and personal welcome

Professional techniques / Production

  • Steers and promotes all the F&B points of sale
  • Ensures that all information is duly passed on to the applicable departments
  • Organises and supervises the preparation of points of sale according to activity forecasts and product information
  • Ensures the brand’s reference standards are properly applied
  • Ensures that sales materials are of good quality and ensures that pricing is in line with strategy
  • In conjunction with the Head Chef, prepares the menus, organises purchases and updates the cooking instructions
  • Plans changes in the menu, sets prices and organises the work for the day in coordination with the Chef
  • Is responsible for keeping equipment and furniture in good condition, for keeping machinery and appliances in reliable working order, and for following up technical maintenance.
  • Assures hotel management cover early mornings, evenings, weekends and on bank holidays
  • Attends meetings for Heads of Department
  • Passes on the management team’s decisions
  • Knows how all the hotel’s departments operate and is able to replace another Head of Department in case of absence
  • May occasionally be asked to replace the General Manager

Team management and cross-departmental responsibilities

  • Evolves working methods in line with brand philosophy
  • Develops team spirit and motivation by creating a good working atmosphere
  • Supervises recruitment in conjunction with the Points of Sale Managers
  • Organises the welcome of new employees
  • Carries out annual performance appraisals on managers under his/her responsibility, sets targets and ensures that appraisals are conducted for employees
  • Prepares the training plans in conjunction with the managers under his/her responsibility
  • Ensures that work schedules are consistent with activity forecasts for the hotel
  • Leads working and information meetings and team discussions
  • Involves and motivates the managers and employees under his/her responsibility to meet the department’s quantitative targets
  • Ensures compliance with labour legislation in the F&B department
  • Trains and motivates the team to use the sales pitches and ensures they are put into practice

Commercial / Sales

  • Establishes excellent relations with guests
  • Prepares the commercial action plan for the department and ensures its implementation
  • Sets daily sales targets to be met by the team
  • Is familiar with all the hotel’s services and informs guests about them to encourage use
  • Analyses guests’ comments and implements any corrective actions as required
  • Launches and deploys marketing initiatives in the local area in order to increase revenue
  • Works in close collaboration with the sales department to ensure high standards of service and satisfaction for meetings customers
  • Is actively involved in the local area to keep up-to-date with specific issues and needs
  • Keeps close track of what the competition is doing
  • Uses creativity and innovation to facilitate commercial operations

Management and administration

  • Draws up the annual budget for the department and implements any corrective actions required
  • Ensures that the management results for the department are in line with the hotel’s targets
  • Guarantees the respect of procedures governing cash operations, administration and audits, in line with the brand’s internal audit guidelines
  • Adapts department organisation as required and manages headcount for optimum “prime cost”
  • Draws up, implements and ensures that internal checks are carried out
  • Supervises F&B purchasing and manages stocks
  • Supervises purchasing for the restaurant and kitchen, manages stocks and checks that AccorShop purchasing targets are met as decided by the brand
  • Checks inventories that have been carried out
  • Ensures that food and beverage costs comply with requirements defined by the hotel and the brand
  • Takes part in “Debtor” meetings and implements actions to recover debt

Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment

  • Ensures that restaurant areas are kept clean
  • Ensures that the equipment and cultural assets of the department remain in good condition and working order
  • Sets up an action plan based on the hygiene analysis results and tracks implementation
  • Applies the hotel’s security regulations (in case of fire etc) and ensures they are respected
  • Respects the hotel’s commitments to the “Environment Charter” (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc) and ensures they are fulfilled
  • Is responsible for the security of people and property in the area under his/her remit


The Pullman promise is built around its three values: commitment, adaptability and creativity, and these are orchestrated throughout the hotel by a specific human resources and management policy:

  • Body & Soul, the service attitudes model developed by Pullman
  • Welcomer, Quality & Attitude Manager, Event Manager – some of the new Pullman professions
  • A Pullman “school” of leadership, focusing on creativity.


  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Word
  • Micros

Preferred Skills

Languages essential

  • Thai
  • English

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